Dichtwoch #29 – Vice

She said: got fire?
I said: you shouldn’t waste your beauty on a smoke.
But you?
It’s the only pleasure I have!
Besides drinking?
Besides having no other. I shorten my life one vice at a time. That’s just coke.
She said: You’re a cynic.
Me: you’re cynical.
I’m not.
And I’m just being honest.
Pass me that lighter.
No, the world is full of ugly things, you’re not supposed to be one of them.
And who are you to judge?
Just a man with two eyes and a love for blooming live.
You’re not exactly blooming yourself.
I’m a wallflower, a late bloomer.
Flowers don’t smoke.
And neither do young girls. That was when I last checked.
Then fuck you.
I’d rather have it done by someone else.
She said: I just don’t get it. Just lend me your fire.
See I’m only searing the roots, you’re not rooted.
You’re what, 19? Hanging out in a bar at midnight, asking a random guy for a cigarette.
Maybe I thought you were cute. Maybe you did.
She lit a cig.
So you’re grown now? Using your own fire?
What’s your problem? I just wanted a conversation.
See, I didn’t.
So we both got something else.
Have a drink?
One vice at a time. 

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